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Last Updated, July 2010.

Dr. Robert Runté is an associate professor at the University of Lethbridge. As an academic, editor, reviewer, and organizer, Robert has been actively promoting Canadian SF for over 30 years. He was a founding Director of NonCon, Context89,, and SF Canada; and has served on the Boards of the Edmonton Science Fiction and Comic Arts Society, On Spec Magazine, Tesseract Books, and The Writers Guild of Alberta. In addition to dozens of conference papers, journal articles, book chapters, and a half dozen entries in the Encyclopedia of Literature in Canada , Robert has edited over 150 issues of various SF newsletters.

cover of Encyclopedia Can Lit        
Books with Chapters by Canadian SF by Dr. Runté

In 1989, his Guide to Canadian Science Fiction won an Aurora Award; he won a second Aurora in 1990 for his general promotion of Canadian SF. In 1994 he was honored as Fan Guest at the 52nd WorldCon, and in 1996 he co-edited (with Yves Meyard) the Tesseracts5 SF anthology. More recently, he has been a regular reviewer for NeoOpsis Magazine.

Tess5 Cover    
Anthology of Candian SF co-edited by Dr. Runté

He is currently Senior Editor with EssentialEdits.ca