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Robert Runté, Ph.D. (Senior Editor / Writing Coach specializing in Science Fiction & Fantasy)

Robert started as an SF reviewer, critic, and zine editor in the 1970s, worked as a Test Development Specialist (editor/writer) with Alberta Education in the 1980s, professor at the University of Lethbridge 1990-2013, and was Senior Editor with Five Rivers Publishing 2009-2018. He founded SFeditor.ca in July, 2010, and EssentialEdits.ca in 2016. He has edited over 40 successful books, 30 of which were traditionally published. The late Dave Duncan called him "the best editor I've ever worked with" and willed his incomplete manuscripts to Robert to finish.

During Dr. Runté's career as an academic, he has coedited Tesseracts5 (Canadian SF&F anthology) and a popular university textbook; had 15 book chapters, 14 journal articles, 7 encyclopedia entries published, written 3 commissioned government reports, and 1 curriculum resource (90,000 visitors); presented 67 conference papers, 37 faculty, university, and community presentations; and self-published ten open-source resources (see the links page for those relevant to writers). He has three Aurora Awards for his literary criticism. As an experienced thesis supervisor and committee member, he has helped students write award- and scholarship-winning theses, and two of the theses he supervised were subsequently published as books.

In terms of his own writing, his short fiction has been published in 60 venues, six of his stories have been reprinted in "years best" collections, and one was short listed for an Aurora Award.

You can see Dr. Runté in this one-minute video excerpt on teaching and research at the UofL; or in this two-minute video about acquiring and developing books for Five Rivers Publishing, presented at launch of Joe Mahoney's A Time and a Place; or listen to his thirty-minute speech on English teachers, fan fiction, and the future of publishing" as Editor Guest at When Words Collide (2016).You can read some of his research on ResearchGate.

Books co-edited by Dr. Runté

Tess5 Cover     Textbook cover

Books with Chapters by Dr. Runté

Encyclo. CanLit   cover Out World   Rhetoric cover  Handbook Arts   North By 2000+   Legend of Sarah   Curious If True   Writing Better Fiction   The Canadian Fantastic in Focus     Writing After Retirement      

Some titles from Five Rivers edited by Dr. Runté

two of these (in both cases, the author's first novel) went on

The Ethical Swordsman   120Pillar of Darkness   TimeFall cover   A Time and A Place   One Velvet Glove Avians   The Mermaid's Tale   Poisoned Prayer by Michael Skeet   Eocene Station   Shakespeare for Readers Theatre, Vol.2   Hawk Cat's Pawn   Cat's Gambit   Cat's Game   Eye of Strife Ivor Omnibus   Beyond Media Literacy   Troll cover  North by 2000+  IndigoTime  Tattooed Witch  Legend Sarah   Runner1 cover   Runner 2 cover   Runner 3 cover   Mik Murdoch 1   Shakespeare Vol.1  crystal meth   Organic Gardner 

Some books edited freelance by Robert Runté

  Death of Nnanji          

Most freelance developmental editing is necessarily confidential, but the above were kind enough to acknowledge my editing


Dr. Runté is a member of SF Canada, Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, and the Calgary Association of Freelance Editors.

Portrait of Dr. Runté
Photo: Rod Leland

Additional staff at SFeditor.ca include Halli Reed and Adria Laycraft. See EssentialEdits.ca/about.htm for their biographies


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