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Robert Runté has been my editor for more years than either of us care to remember—first as a beta reader and later professionally. I have had many, many editors in my career of over 60 novels and novellas, but honestly, I recall none I would rather work with than Robert. I can't recommend him highly enough.

          — Dave Duncan
Canadian fantasy and science fiction author

Robert did a terrific job on my novel. A novel I would not entrust to just anyone. It had to be someone intimately familiar with the genre; someone with a solid grasp of the language; someone who cared, who was willing to go over it again and again, with a maniacal attention to detail. It had to be someone who "got" the tone and the intent. And it had to be someone willing to tell me all the hard truths about the novel that I needed to hear. That was Robert. He spared me nothing, the bastard. And the novel is so much the better for it.

          —Joe Mahoney
author of A Time and A Place

Working with Robert to bring my novel to its final form was deeply satisfying. His editorial requests were always tactfully expressed and lucidly explained. He understood not only my writing, but the story within, and always strove to convey my vision more clearly to the reader. When he spotted a scene that didn't fit or flow in its current form, he guided me through rewriting it with new content and a much more immersive feel. Most of our other work was on smaller details, ranging from simple matters like sentence clarity to much more subtle ones, such as pacing. I'd work with him again in a heartbeat.

          —Timothy Gwyn
author of Avians.

I completely appreciate the help and suggestions that you've given me to date — I have nothing but positive things to say about working with you. It's a much stronger book because of it and I feel very fortunate to have been given such amazing guidance. Thank you!

— Suzy Vadori
Author of The Fountain
from Evil Alter Ego Press, 2016.

Dr. Runté is a pleasure to work with. I agreed with his edits, observations, and comments, even when I was reluctant to make a change because of the work involved, or his comments caused me to rethink what I had written. I particularly appreciated how he always spelled out why a change should be made, how it would make the book more marketable, and make it a better book.

          — Paul Lima,
freelance writer and author (www.paullima.com)

By far, Robert Runté is the best editor I've used in many, many years. Not only is he adept at developmental editing, with a keen attention to detail, continuity and plausibility, but a natural copy editor. He has that rare ability among editors to shift effortlessly between non-fiction, fiction and academic writing. Robert is, quite simply, one of those editors with uncompromising standards.

— Lorina Stephens,
publisher at Five Rivers Publishing

Tesseracts5 Cover Runté, Robert and Yves Meynard, Tesseracts5. Edmonton: Tesseract Books/The Books Collective, 1996. [Canadian Speculative Fiction anthology] 352pp

"This anthology merits inclusion in any compre-hensive collection, and it rewards the curiosity of the casual reader as well"                                       — Locus
"A provocative, exciting and extraordinarily varied exercise in what could be described as the mind's fourth dimension — imagination."                 — The Toronto Star

"....has brought a fresh perspective to a genre crowded with American authors."             — SF Site