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Manuscript Development

I always ask Robert to read my MS before I send it to my agent and he has caught errors many times.

          — Dave Duncan
author of 50+ fantasy & SF novels (http://www.daveduncan.com/)

I completely appreciate the help and suggestions that you've given me to date — I have nothing but positive things to say about working with you. It's a much stronger book because of it and I feel very fortunate to have been given such amazing guidance. Thank you!

— Suzy Vadori
Author of The Fountain from Evil Alter Ego Press, 2016.

Dr. Runté is a pleasure to work with. I agreed with his edits, observations, and comments, even when I was reluctant to make a change because of the work involved, or his comments caused me to rethink what I had written. I particularly appreciated how he always spelled out why a change should be made, how it would make the book more marketable, and make it a better book.

          — Paul Lima,
freelance writer and author (www.paullima.com)

By far, Robert Runté is the best editor I've used in many, many years. Not only is he adept at developmental editing, with a keen attention to detail, continuity and plausibility, but a natural copy editor. He has that rare ability among editors to shift effortlessly between non-fiction, fiction and academic writing. Robert is, quite simply, one of those editors with uncompromising standards.

— Lorina Stephens,
Five Rivers Publishing

Tesseracts5 Cover Runté, Robert and Yves Meynard, Tesseracts5. Edmonton: Tesseract Books/The Books Collective, 1996. [Canadian Speculative Fiction anthology] 352pp

"This anthology merits inclusion in any compre-hensive collection, and it rewards the curiosity of the casual reader as well"                                       — Locus
"A provocative, exciting and extraordinarily varied exercise in what could be described as the mind's fourth dimension — imagination."                 — The Toronto Star

"....has brought a fresh perspective to a genre crowded with American authors."             — SF Site