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Angry Robot Major British SF imprint (distributed by Random House) but is open to unsolicited manuscripts each March (but usually only one genre or theme per year).
Brain Lag Press a small publisher founded and run entirely by Catherine Fitzsimmons.
Donovan Street Press a very new small press headed by Joe Mahoney, author and former CBC senior manager. I'm on the Advisory Board.
Evil Alter Ego Press a Calgary-based small SF press.
Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy (includes Tesseract Books imprint). Oldest of Canadian SF presses, based in Calgary, Brian Hades publisher.
Newcon Press A mid-sized, award-winning UK press.
PS Publishing Independent British SF, Fantasy and Crime publisher.
Shadowpaw Press a Saskatchewan publisher founded by author Edward Williett that covers everything from SF&F to poetry collections to CanLit. I'm on the Editorial Advisory Board.
Tyche Publishing Another small Calgary-based SF publisher, lots of energy. They sometimes have calls for short stories for anthologies.

For a complete list of Canadian SF Publishers, see SF Canada's Canadian Markets for Speculative Fiction.

Tips for Writers
Turkey City Lexicon A primer for avoiding the problems which typically plague SF manuscripts.
Grammar Man Oriented to undergraduate essays, provides good basic grammar advice.
Grammar Girl Daily blog on grammar questions and issues.
Supersummary.com's link page to various grammar resources.

Other Reputable SF Developmental Editors
(alphabetical order)
Colleen Anderson has over 15 years experience editing fiction, working for Byron Preiss (Tor, Bantam), Scholastic, Raincoast Books and others. She is also a prominent SF/F poet. Her email is naiad@telus.net
Candas Jane Dorsey is an internationally known writer and co-founder of the Grammar Police. She takes on select editing projects (all genres) at industry rates and is kindly, fair—and merciless in her insistence on high standards. Believes in the proverb: "There's no use asking the gods to help you run if you aren't prepared to run fast." E-mail her at woodendoor@truthandfiction.com
Barb Geiger is the author of ten published novels and a freelance fiction editor. Robert J. Sawyer says "Barb Geiger is a brilliant writer and a brilliant editor. She sees precisely what's wrong with a piece of writing and knows exactly how to fix it. Her experience is wide and varied, and she's a joy to work with. I recommend her highly."
Matt Hughes is a professional author, editor, and ghostwriter with over twenty-five published novels and collections. He has won the Crime Writers of Canada's Arthur Ellis Award, and has been shortlisted for the Nebula, Aurora, Derringer and Philip K. Dick Awards. He will critique book-length sf and suspense fiction, providing an evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, with suggestions for improving a manuscript's publishability. His email is himself@archonate.com
Adria Laycraft is the author of two SF novels and numerous stories and edits SF&F. She is a member of the EssentialEdits.ca collective.
Alison McBain is an author, editor, and ghost writer (and the editor I use for my work). She is currently unavailable as she is in the midst of the "Human Verses AI" writing challenge, in which she will endeavor to write a publishable novel a week, April 23, 2024- April 23, 2025 (World Book Day).
Halli Reid specializes in horror, YA, art, and poetry. She is a member of EssentialEdits.ca.
Lorina Stephens, former publisher at Five Rivers Publishing, she has over 40 years in Canadian publishing industry and is a well-respected author and editor. She was Keynote Speaker at the Editors Canada 2022 Conference. She is the EssentialEdits.ca lead editor for CanLit.
Hayden Trenholm Author and former publisher/editor at Bundoran Press 2012-2020. Specializes in political and hard science fiction . . . and has the political experience to back that up.

See also "Hire an Editor" page of Canadian Editors Association for general editors and copy editors.

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Last updated April, 2024